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Technology and science shape our world more than ever before. Give your little one a jump start on the fundamental concepts that will be like electricity in our rapidly changing world.

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Books Kids Love

Tinker Toddler books are designed with vibrant colors and wonderful illustrations children can relate to. The books have multiple levels of learning to engage children (and adults) of different ages. For further engagement, the books include discussion questions and one. Fun, printable black-and-white activity sheets can be found here.

Stem Concepts

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) concepts are fundamental for future success. Check out modern supporting research to learn why early STEM education, starting with babies, is so important.

Expert Alliances

We work closely with educators and topic experts from all over the world to ensure ensure our books are fun to read, accurate, appealing and easily digestible. 

Books for Adults

Emerging STEM concepts are complicated and can be intimidating. We believe understanding the baby basics for any topic (including machine learning, artificial intelligence, and interplanetary travel) makes it easier to dive into more complex details later.

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